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Resolving surface roughness: For your “polishing” work, you may use the OX type that offers a wide range of grain sizes.

Although this type is used mainly for polishing, from the viewpoint of work piece material having high hardness and different surface conditions, and also in view of durability even in the case of the polishing process, a reasonably tough rubber design has been adopted.

OX Type

  • It can also be used for edge honing of carbide cutting tools, and removal of fine burrs from various materials.
  • It is also used widely for removing burn marks, scales, rust, scratches, dents, and chuck marks from resin dies, and depositions on the surface of press and forming dies, and also with electrodes of copper, tungsten, and SUS, and in other maintenance tasks.
  • It is also used for removing paint, plating, and coating, as well as tarnish from the glass surface through the adjustment of the rubber material such that the backing is not damaged, and thus scratches can be prevented from occurring.
    *As a special use, this type has been used for long in the hairline processing of clock parts and SUS thin boards in home appliances for improving the yield and providing stable and continuous processing.