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Senrap, in which cerium oxide is blended into rubber, has enabled continuous polishing over very long periods to give a glass mirror finishing only with the use of water.


  • It enables the shift from the free abrasive grain method to the fixed abrasive grain method, reduces various costs involved in the use of large amounts of cerium, management of tools to check wearing of pads and deviations, management of the water temperature, and difficult tasks of disposal and equipment maintenance, and exhibits a high cost performance matching high-cost tools with outstanding durability and stable processing quality.

    When considering the ideal process for mirror polishing of glass, the processing state of the work piece prior to the final polishing is also important.

    By combining together a general diamond tool and Diamond Rabin developed by Daiwa Kasei, the surface condition can be improved,

    and the workload of final polishing with Senrap is reduced. To examine the problem of final polishing, pre-processing must also be taken into consideration.

    We offer customized designing in accordance with your equipment and the size and shape of the polishing area. Feel free to contact us in this regard.

    Another interesting point is that non-suitability to ferrous materials is rarely seen because of which a CbN wheel is not needed.

    These features can be expected when the ideal grinding stone material is selected and the usage conditions are set in accordance with the work piece.

    The amount of efforts needed for the process can also be reduced to a large extent.