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The abrasive cloth sheet which uses tough cloth backing is superior to the abrasive paper item in terms of the strength of backing.

Nihon Kenshi
Abrasive Cloth Sheet


DRCJ-S: Optimum for sanding of concave surface due to excellent flexibility.
DRCJ-SDS: This type has been processed to prevent clogging and provides excellent flexibility. Optimum for sanding of concave surface.
SGAJ-S: Glue cloth. A standard item of cloth abrasive sheet, which has a wide range of a pplications.


  • HDD
  • Optical fiber &
  • Flat-panel display
  • Semiconductor
  • Compound semiconductor
  • Automobile &
  • Sample polishing
  • Shaft polishing
  • Hoop material &
    Wire rod
  • 3D printed structures
  • Other surface processing &
  • Automobile
  • Automobile repair
  • Steel & Metal
  • Aircraft
  • Shipbuilding
  • Print Circuit Board
  • Architecture, Wood & Finishing hardware
  • Stone & Glass

Product lineup

Product lineup