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Ceramic Diamond Fiber Stones

  • Ceramic diamond stones are made of diamond abrasives and ceramic fibers bonded together with thermosetting resin. Thanks diamond for its outstanding cutting performance in combination with the superior tensile strength of ceramic fiber, generates ceramic diamond stone, a perfect lapping tool.
  • Diamond particles are sprayed on ceramic fibers for excellent uniform cutting action on every angle and therefore reduce after processing work.

Features :

  • The ordinary ceramic fiber stone is ef ficient only to lap its end side or edge, while the ceramic dia mond stone works well with any sides.
  • In comparison to the resinous diamond stones, ceramic diamon d stone is more aggressive in cutting rate, resist loading, and hardly broken.
  • Materials those are dif ficult to be ground by ordinary ceramic stone, now the ceramic diamond stone can provide a much better cut.
  • Ceramic diamond stone is ideal for lapping all kinds of hard en steels, EDM surface, tungsten carbide, ceramics and glasses ef ficiently.